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a MASTERCLASS exclusively for women business owners with Unsupportive husbands
Join me as I teach you P.E.A.R.L.S.© my proprietary method that achieved massive results in my business and gave me the support I needed to realize my goals. 
 WEEK 1: Masterclass overview, the psychology behind how an unsupportive husband affects your business, what you can do about, and what you can't, and an introduction to P.E.A.R.L.S.
 WEEK 2: Discover the real Purpose of your business. Not the elevator pitch. The real reason why you started your business and why you're building it.
 WEEK 3: Find the fat in your business and Eliminate it and discover what you need to fix next, you may be surprised. 
WEEK 4: Know what you need to Adjust course in your business and how.
WEEK 5: Get the Respect you want and get the Results you need in your business and beyond. 
WEEK 6: Learn how to Lead your employees, customer, and your family with simple and effective communication techniques. 
 WEEK 7: Develop Systems that serve your business and you. 
WEEK 8: Create Your Plan of Action so you can end 2020 strong and start 2021 with confidence. 
You will also receive the power of support and connection by supporting and encouraging other women who share your frustrations and challenges
* class participants input and needs may change the outline (isn't that exciting?). :) 
ONLY $797! 
expires September 7th, 2020
— SPECIAL BONUSES FOR FOUNDER's MEMBERS ONLY — and be part of a powerful mission, the community, your tribe 
 ... opportunity to add content to the soon to be published book (optional) shape the Masterclass curriculum
 ...3 FREE autographed copies of the book (anticipated publishing date May 2021)
 ... FREE life-time access to any course updates
 ... ADVANCE notice of any speaking events, promotions or discounts
 ... FREE LIFETIME ACCESS to private Facebook group, "Your Success. My Support." 
 ...unprecedented access during the course with me, your host and Master Coach, Annette de Lancey
 ... and so much more
 Annette has turned the flashlight on this last "taboo" subject...women business owners suffering in isolation from an unsupportive husband and not realizing that their business is impacted.  Annette is transparent, direct, but with an warm, supportive, encouraging approach, and passionate about spreading her message of empowerment.  You'll learn why the health (or dysfunction) of your primary relationship affects your business and what you can do to ensure that your business moves ahead.  Annette shares priceless, practical strategies and tools that will help you transform not only your business but your sense of self as an entrepreneur. 
— Dr. Stephanie O'Leary, Psy.D., Owner P.C. & Westchester Psychological Services, Author of "Parenting in the Real World" and forthcoming book, "Relationships in the Real World." 
 In my work with entrepreneurs over the past decade, I have witnessed first-hand the emotional damage that can occur when a smart, creative woman is ridiculed or even subtly minimized with underhanded comments or actions by her husband. Annette has lived this, and despite the challenges, successfully built a seven-figure manufacturing and e-commerce business. Annette knows how to navigate these challenging circumstances and offers women business owners concrete, and often overlooked, principles to propel your business forward.  Annette is the real deal.  She will give you the hug and the shove you need to succeed.  
— Dr. Tamara Monosoff, Product Entrepreneur, Author of the Mom Invented Handbook and other #1 and best-selling books, and creator of the the highly acclaimed, "Author to Income Formula" Training.

14 Day Money-Back Guarantee

REFUND POLICY: You have enough angst and drama in your life. This course shouldn't be part of it. If after 14 days from commencement of the course and you've done your best by completing the assignments, implemented or participated where/when needed, and you still don't see results, simply show me your work and I'll be happy to refund your entire purchase.   

Annette de Lancey

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