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Introducing a ground-breaking 
8-week LIVE Masterclass:
"Your Success. My Support."
For Women Business Owners with 
Unsupportive Husbands
 Join Me as I Teach You the Framework I Created and Found the Support I Needed to Achieve Massive Results in My Business!
 Join Me as I Teach You the Framework I Created to Achieve Massive Results in My Business and the Support I Needed!
 If You See This Page 
Space is Still Available...


I understand the loneliness, frustration, and distraction of having a husband who did not support my business. A business that I loved. 

I confess. I almost gave up on my business. Twice. 

I was so tired of defending my business decisions to my husband. We were arguing over the same issues, over and over. I started to forget deadlines. I was making mistakes. Big mistakes.
I began to settle for mediocre results. I was thinking about giving up or giving in.
I was boring my friends and family with my tale of woe. Can you relate?
That's when I knew SOMETHING HAD TO CHANGE. 
So, I sought out the help of therapists, pastors, and mentors. I devoured every article, I bought every book and course and I still found nothing that helped. So after massive trial and error and many false starts, I created my own program. 
I turned my failing, unprofitable manufacturing company into a wildly successful, profitable and sustainable business. 


  • To turn your business around or ramp it up?
  • To show up differently in your marriage just to see what can change?
  • ​To get support, be involved, and help create a movement? 
for a change?
I would be honored to have you join us as a Founding Member of the ground-breaking 8-week "Your Success, My Support" Masterclass. 

As a Founding Member you will gain clarity, get results, and have the unprecedented opportunity to be part of and help shape a movement; a community of women who believe...
"Having an unsupportive husband shouldn't prevent me from building the business that I love." 
See you on November 3rd!
"Your Success. My Support." 
is an 8-week LIVE class that focuses on getting results for your business with a parallel track on navigating the challenges of having an unsupportive husband.
Equally as important is being inspired by and getting the support you need from a group of women business owners who share the same experience.
8-WEEK LIVE Masterclass starts 
Tuesday November 3rd
10:00 a.m. PST
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00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
You'll learn...
 Finish 2020 strong with a customized plan to tee-off 2021 to get the results you need and the support you want regardless of the state of your marriage
 How to transform your mindset, get the support you need, and which levers to pull (and which ones to pull back) in your business to get results now
You no longer have to be alone or isolated or consumed with self-doubt.

The Distraction Vortex©

How it sabotages your best efforts, and the techniques to master it

8 Parallels in Business & Marriage©

Your business and your marriage don't operate in independent silos

One-Page Business Plan©

How to simply create your own One-Page Business Plan© and how it will clarify your business' mission and vision.

Profit First©

Finally get a handle on your business' cash flow and eliminate that worry and distraction

Fix This Next©

Tackle what your business REALLY needs (it may not be what you think it needs)

Tools To Thrive

Tips and scripts to navigate negative comments.

​Strength, focus, and confidence are yours and I will help you get there.

As a Founding Member Of The Masterclass, 
you'll receive these benefits...

Add Your Story

The option to add your (anonymous) story to the forth-coming book, "Till Business Does Us Part: How To Thrive In Your Business & Survive Your Unsupportive Husband."  


Participate in shaping the Masterclass curriculum

Lifetime Access

Life-time access to all "Your Success. My Support" masterclass upgrades

Power-Hours Support

​Supplemental power-hours facilitated by Annette and joined by your fellow Founding Members to get things done: no learning, no forms, just execution and support!

Lifetime Membership

​A gifted Lifetime Membership to "YSMS" ($47.00 p/month value) a private Facebook group of your peers

Be In The Know

Advance notice of upcoming programs and events

Discount Savings

Steeply discounted pricing and or gifted of all programs, events, and services

VIP Access

First ​access to member discounts of sponsors (in the works!)

VIP Invites

Invitations to Member-only events (guest speakers!)

Autographed Books

​3 FREE autographed copies of the book (anticipated publishing date May 2021)

1:1 Access With Annette

​Unprecedented access and 1:1's during the Masterclass to Annette de Lancey, your Master Coach

Limited Time Only Pricing

​One-time, only-time pricing of $797.00 (a $1997.00 value) November 2nd, 2020
This Masterclass IS FOR YOU if you are a bold woman business owner who... 
  • Has been in business over 1 year
  • ​Is building a business that you love but your husband doesn't
  • Values men/your husband even with the struggles and challenges you are facing
  • ​Understands support and encouragement are vital to getting the results you want
  • ​Is ready to do the work necessary to get the job done
  • Will look in the mirror, learn new strategies for your business, and show up differently in your business and your marriage
  • ​Sees a lack of support as a reason to overcome vs. getting revenge
  • Needs a coach and a community for sustained support, growth, and change
This course is NOT for you if...
  • ​You're thinking of building a business or have been in business less than 1 year
  • ​You like to husband-trash and male-bash (that's someone else's group)
  • ​You won't commit to assignments
  • ​You balk at new ideas, systems, processes, and communication styles
  • You won't help, encourage, or support others
  • ​You don't accept help, encouragement, or support from others
  • You won't look in the mirror
Don't Just Take MY Word For It...
See What Others Have Said About Annette de Lancey and her work with Women Business Owners with Unsupportive Husbands.
Annette has turned the flashlight on this last "taboo" subject...women business owners suffering in isolation from an unsupportive husband and not realizing that their business is impacted. Annette is transparent, direct, but with a warm, supportive, encouraging approach, and passionate about spreading her message of empowerment. You'll learn why the health (or dysfunction) of your primary relationship affects your business and what you can do to ensure that your business moves ahead. Annette shares priceless, practical strategies and tools that will help you transform not only your business but your sense of self as an entrepreneur and partner. 
Stephanie O'Leary, Psy.D.
P.C. & Westchester Psychological Services Author of "Parenting in the Real World" and forthcoming book, "Relationships in the Real World"
In my work with entrepreneurs over the past decade, I have witnessed first-hand the emotional damage that can occur when a smart, creative woman is being ridiculed or even subtly minimized with underhanded comments (or actions) by her spouse. Annette has lived this, and despite the challenges, successfully built a seven-figure manufacturing and e-commerce business. Annette knows how to navigate these challenging circumstances and offers woman business owners concrete, and often overlooked principles, to propel your business forward. Annette is the real deal. 
She will give you the hug and shove you need to succeed. 
Dr. Tamara Monosoff
Product Entrepreneur, Author, Creator of the Highly Acclaimed, 
"Author-to-Income Formula Training"